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Agoraphobia (an inside look at this condition, with videos)

Agoraphobia an inside look at this anxiety condition.

Youtube Sensation Jemma Pixie-Hixon Talks about Her Agoraphobia

Psychologist Dr Jennifer Wild discusses agoraphobia and panic attacks and the most effective treatment for these ailments, which now influence Jemma Pixie-Hixon, the youthful, gifted vocalist in Malvern. Dr. Wild recommends cognitive behaviorial therapy with a therapist for treating Agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia and Hypnosis: Can Hypnotherapy Help Someone If They Have Agoraphobia?

The results for treating Agoraphobia with hypnosis appear to be inconsistent, which is not to say that you shouldn’t try it. It might make a difference but the reviews are certainly mixed.

Here’s what one person reported:

I had attempted Hypnotherapy but I frankly do not think it worked for me. It did not make me begin going out although I didn’t feel any critical change, it didnt reveal any hidden anxieties from my subconscious.

So another treatment attempted… and yet, another treatment failed.

Although this approach does not work for everyone, that does not mean it will not work for you. When you are living with panic attacks or Agoraphobia, it is worth trying any reputable solution because you never know which treatment might make the biggest difference.

Facing Your Fears and Overcoming Agoraphobia

Since it results in facing your worries, agoraphobia therapy could be difficult. But with “talk therapy” (a form of psychotherapy or counseling) and medication, you are most likely to resist the downward pull of agoraphobia and live a much more active and outgoing lifestyle.

Signs of Agoraphobia

Common agoraphobia symptoms include:

  • Anxiety about being alone in any condition
  • Anxiety about being in places
  • Anxiety about losing control
  • Anxiety about being in locations where it might be difficult to abandon, for example practice or an elevator
  • Failure to depart your house (housebound) or only able to leave if another person accompanies you

    Additionally, you might have signs or symptoms of the anxiety attack, for example:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Shaky, numb or tingling
  • Chest pressure or pain
  • Quick flush or chills
  • Upset diarrhea or stomach
  • Feeling a lack of control
  • Anxiety about dying

When should you to see a doctor for Agoraphobia?

Don’t allow agoraphobia to create a smaller world that keeps you confined and fearful. When you have signs of this condition, you must contact your doctor.

Agoraphobia may seriously restrict your capability to socialize, function, attend important occasions as well as handle simple daily tasks like running errands, going to the dog park or beach, and other enjoyable aspects of everyday life.

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